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 Launching today in Old School RuneScape, Desert Treasure II – The Fallen Empire is a Grandmaster quest that is a sequel two decades in the making. Introducing four brand new bosses, an iconic sequel to much-beloved storyline, and a host of mystical and powerful rewards.

The original Desert Treasure launched in 2005 and introduced a whole generation of players to the Mahjarrat and the questline surrounding this ancient, mysterious people. In Desert Treasure II, players will embark on an epic quest as they journey through four new areas, battling four fearsome new bosses to gain access to an ancient vault and the great riches that lies within. However, opening the vault has the potential to change Gielinor forever!

These four bosses each have their own abilities, mechanics, and strategies that players will test their mettle against. These bosses can be replayed post-quest for additional rewards including the mighty Virtus Armour.

Desert Treasure II will reward players with four new best-in-slot rings to boost strength, ranged skills, magic, and melee, as well as a fully upgraded Ancient Sceptre which gets stronger with every defeated boss. Each boss will also drop one of four pieces of a unique two-handed axe for felling the toughest foes.

This year, the Old School RuneScape team began the process of adding a new skill for the first time in the game’s 10-year history. Passing the pitching stage, the new skill Sailing will now enter refinement before it is put before the community for the lock-in vote. Learn more about community polling and the skill development schedule over on the Old School RuneScape website.

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